Monday, May 30, 2011

Are you in?

WARNING: Tough content! Passive bloggers, please don't read! I am not responsible for your feelings!
Lia Stampz digi lovers...go ahead :)

Hello girls! (and boys if we have any reading us)

I'm Laura, Lia's older sister :).

I came up with an "unorthodox" method of sharing your love for Lia Stampz and getting something in return too :)... I am no marketing professional but... I am passionate about it (when I have time).
It's called "aggressive advertising". It basically means we won't just sit and wait for people to come to know us...we'll go out there and "shout" it out to the world.

So, maybe some of you are already "scared" of this idea or don't like the sound of it :)...don't read on!

For those of you that like to be "out there" in the middle of everything in Blogland and Lia Stampz lovers... here's my deal:
Become our affiliate marketer!

You start "advertising" about Lia Stampz images everywhere you can: personal blogs, posts or e-mails to friends, discussions on the forums where you're members, showcasing your work done with Lia Stampz and other original ideas you might get.

In return, you get this badge :) aaaaannnd {of course there's more!}

Lia Stampz, digital stamps

20% off all Lia Stampz images till the end of the year!

How does that sound?

But, {there's always a but}! You have to "prove" your hard work before you pick the 20% deal.
1. I want e-mails with links to the places you advertised in. {acdsyst(at)}
2. The top 10 people that are advertising the most {that means constant advertising!}get a freebie + 50% off  till the end of the year:) + a place in Lia's Blogroll!
3. Don't forget to write your blog link in the e-mail

So, how's that? I know some of you are really supportive already! Those will hear from me soon :).

Keep watching us! We'll always come up with new stuff!


P.S. Blame me for this idea...Lia has no involvement :). I am the "mean and shameless" one around here! I just think such a talent needs a wide exposure. I would do more to show her work to the world but I am caught up with my 2 mo baby {a handful!}.

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