Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Millie digi stamp release

Hello my dear friends!

I decided to put Millie up for sale :). My sister is still designing sentiments for the other stamps so it might take a few days until they're out.

But here she is:
Price: 4.53$
Checkout through Paypal
Please respect my Terms Of Use when working with my digis.
Please mention the exact name (written under the image) of the digi and the e-mail you want it sent to, in "notes to the seller" when buying.

And what inspired this stamp? Simple: my Ipod! LOVE IT! But I did remember than when I was a teenager I had a cool green portable CD player... How much the things have evolved in just a few years! :)

Oh, I have to thank my jiju (brother in law) for the Ipod! It was his and he gave it to me! He's more like a brother to me than a "brother in law" (this sounds too serious). Anyway, good luck with your MBA Prashu!
Here's to the awesome summer I spent in India:
Nariman Point in South Bombay

OMG! Almost forgot about the free sentiments (of course you can grab them without buying the image, but please send back to my blog when you use them! Except that, you can use them as you wish!). Thanks sis!
Don't forget! If you buy this image, you can pick 5 free custom sentiments just for yourself (they won't be published on this blog and you can personalize them as you wish).
Just right click and "Save As"
P.S. I accept custom and personalized demands for digis and other digital works. For example you can request a digi caricature of yourself or your friends (like the lia stampz jar/bottle etc). Please e-mail me for details on pricing and creative process.


  1. Sentiments! I LOVE sentiments! LOL! Can't wait to see the rest of em!

  2. Hi, I've popped over to your blog after seeing you on CDAC and then grabbed some sentiments, thank you. :)

    Good luck with your new CDAC group, I'll be popping back to join now. :)

    Happy Friday!


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