Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Digi winner!

Hello there,

I am back with the winners of my free digi for commenting.
I had to put in place some rules so here they are:
1. You can comment anywhere on my blog for a chance to win.
2. Your name will be put in the draw once even if you comment more times.
3. A winner will be drawn when I get 15+ comments.
4. I will only pick the comments that were added aster the last draw.
5. Once your name was drawn you have 1 week to contact me or my sister. In case you don't contact me, I will draw another winner from the list.

So, here's the list for this draw in the order of commenting:
1. Yolka
2. DesignerDiva
3. Violets Corner
4. Croms' Cubby Hole
5. Jen Leeflang
6. TinaB
7. ike
8. Min hobbyverden
9. Donna
10. Cely
11. Ellis
12. Jacq
13. Weva
14. Scrapaljen
15. Linda w.
16. Jennie

And the winner is: (Mr Blogger is going crazy on me... I can't upload the winner screen shot. I'll ask my sister to do it later)

Number 11: ELLIS  ---> Has been re-drawn
Congrats! E-mail my sister at acdsyst{at} to claim your prize


Thanks for commenting :). Keep watching to see if you're the lucky winner of my digis!

Images by Freepik